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How to Play Kubb Lawn Game | Rules, Strategy and More | Top Outdoor Yard Games 2020 | Viking Chess

Check out this awesome piece Dad Does Tech does with the much-loved Kubb Game and his take on the rules of Kubb!

Quoted by Dad Does Tech

About This Video:
In this video Travis Carter aka Dad Done Right (Dad Does Tech) shares everything you need to get started playing kubb, one of the best lawn games in 2020. Kubb is known is sometimes referred to as viking chess or kubb viking game and has been played for many years in different fashions. The items covered in this ultimate guide to kubb will be kubb basics, kubb rules, kubb strategy, and kubb throwing techniques, so you can become a kubb master. This kubb ultimate guide will take you from being a kubb beginner, to a kubb champion. All the kubb game rules will be explained in detail with footage of real kubb gameplay using a diy kubb set.