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Kubb is a fun outdoor game! Buy kubb online

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You don’t have to miss out on the fun! Get your very own set of Kubb today!

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Kubb is a fun outdoor game! Buy kubb online

About Kubb

Kubb is the game of the summer! It’s said to have originated from Viking times, meaning this game has stood the test of time remaining one of the top games when it comes to family gatherings, kiwi BBQs, wedding events or just a casual backyard get together.

Kubb is a simple, yet super competitive game consisting of different wooden blocks (the KubbarsBatons, and The King)

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Fathers day is coming up quick! Express your love for dad with a kubb set that the whole family can enjoy creating special memories for years to come ❤

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Whether it's at your local beach or in your backyard a classic game of Kubb is the perfect way to entertain the whole family during lockdown 🤩

Reminder: We are still able to deliver your beloved kubb set during lockdown.

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Don’t miss out! Get your very own Kubb set today! 🤩

Kubb has stood the test of time, still remaining one of the best (and our personal favourite) games of all time!

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Cold weather got you down? 🥶
Don’t worry, we’ll get warmer weather before you know it! Be ready for those nice sunny days with a kubb set!

An iconic outdoor game is sure to provide you and the family hours of fun in the sun! 😎

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Kubb is a great outdoor game that’s fun for the whole family, the unassuming game may look simple from the sidelines but once you’ve started playing you won’t wanna stop!

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All this hot weather and no kubb set? You must be joking! Gear up for those sunny days with a kubb set providing entertainment for friends and family. Keep an eye out for our new website coming soon where you can stock up on your kubb essentials.😎

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